How To: Repairing an Aging Deck

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If you live in Howard County or the surrounding areas, chances are you have a wooden deck that was built with your house 15 or more years ago. Most of these decks today are almost unusable because of weathering and have become unsafe due to splinters, falling handrails and wobbly stairs. These decks are most likely far beyond the traditional repair methods of a good cleaning and staining. Once the wood grain begins to open up on decking and rails, the weathering process accelerates and the wood needs to be replaced.

The good news is, most of these deck frames are okay to reuse if a few minor modifications are done to bring them up to today’s building codes. Usually, the deck frame has been kept out of the sun and most frames weather over the years, but they can be retrofitted with low-maintenance decking for a fraction of the cost of tearing them down and rebuilding.

Let McWhorter Outdoor Living — a local deck builder in Clarksville, MD — give you a FREE evaluation on your existing deck or screen room frame. We will also provide a free estimate on what it would cost to resurface the deck with PVC decking and handrail. You can even make changes to the existing frame, such as adding or subtracting square footage, moving or adding a staircase, or even adding a screened enclosure.

Please see our deck resurfacing page for more details on our entire process by clicking here, and visit our contact page to request a FREE estimate.