Maryland Screen Porch Builders

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Screened porch Shed Roof

Looking for a Maryland Screen Porch Builder? You’ve come to the right place! McWhorter Outdoor Living is the premeir porch builder in Central Maryland, offering our clients more than any other Maryland Porch Builder- Check out what makes our company the best choice for you and your home:

1. 3D CAD Screen Porch designs- We show you what the project will look like on your house, complete with real life textures, roof lines, elevations, furnitire and plantings. You can see how the project will effect your home before the first nail is driven. Learn more about our Maryland Screen Porch Design Process by clicking  HERE

2. Removable screen panels!! If you have ever had a screen porch you know how easy it is for kids, pets or a stray baseball to damage a screen panel. Our Company is the only company in Maryland to use a system that allows the screens to be removed to the Inside of the porch! You can remove the panels yourself, take them down to a local hardware store and have them repaired, saving you hundreds of dollars over the life of your room. The other guy’s system attaches to a track on the outside of the porch and requires a contractor to come out, set up a scaffold and replace the screen from the outside of the porch, costing you big bucks every time something damages your screens!

3. Screen porch accessories- We can add a fireplace, kitchen, fridge, TV, or pretty much anything else you can dream up to your porch. Check out some of our designs HERE

Maryland Screened porch with fireplace design

Screen porch design maryland