McWhorter Outdoor Living, a true Howard County design build outdoor living company

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Are you wondering where to start with designing your Maryland outdoor living space? On the fence between a screen room, deck, patio, etc?

Don’t make the mistake of hiring one of the seemingly hundreds of companies out there today billing themselves as a “Design Build” firm, only to find you are going to get a hand drawn sketch of your project on a sheet of notebook paper. You need to know how the roof lines will tie into existing, how the deck will effect your view out your kitchen window, etc.! These other “Design Build” firms cannot show you that with a 2D sketch!

McWhorter Outdoor Living separates themselves from these design impostors by offering photo-realistic 3D CAD renderings, showing your project on your home. This way you can see how the project is going to effect the look of your home, what type of space is going to be created, what size columns should you use, etc. Decisions and changes are made in the design phase of the project, not during the construction phase, where they cost you hundreds in change orders.

We can add porch furniture, landscaping, hardscapes, lighting, custom grills, hot tubs and anything else you can dream up to the design.


Check out some of these actual renderings, compared with our finished projects, and give McWhorter Outdoor Living a call today to start your free design process!