McWhorter Outdoor Living is Building an Addition in Beltsville, MD.

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Follow us from concept to completion to see how our process works.

Thinking about building an addition to your home? There is no substitute for accurate, detailed plans. At McWhorter Outdoor Living, our 3D design software makes building your new addition easy – you can actually see the physical space with real textures, lighting, etc. Check out our design process below to get some inspiration for your own space!

Here are some original sketches of our Beltsville Addition project. Before the first nail is driven we can tweak window locations and room sizes to show you what the addition will look like on your house.


Here is a 3D rendering of this 2-story addition on this homeowner’s house. This is a great tool to show how the addition will affect the overall look of the back of the house.


Here you can see a prospective view of the first floor walls, including the addition. The homeowner can really get an idea of the space that the new addition will create.


Keep following us for more updates on this project and see how the design translates to from the jobsite to final construction of the addition.