Top 5 Deck Design Ideas by McWhorter Outdoor Living

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The Market for decking materials has changed so much in the past 10 years, it is hard to keep up with all the new products and options. Let McWhorter Outdoor Living, your local deck contractor in Clarksville, MD, keep you up to speed with some of the new products and accessories we are using, to make designing your deck easy and fun:


#1. Pick a contractor who has 3D CAD design capabilities! Probably the most important design consideration to make is to be sure the deck contractor you are using is able to show you your project in 3D CAD. This allows you to see the deck in photo-realistic 3D, on Your House, before the first nail is driven. This way, any unforeseen design issues or changes are done free of charge on paper, rather than being costly changes in the field. Here is an example of how realistic our designs can be to their real life finished projects:



#2. Consider some built in deck accessories: We are able to build pretty much anything out of the same materials your deck and rails are done in, things like benches, planters, bar tops, or anything else you might dream up. You can do some original designs with the decking as well, such as star and sunburst patterns. Here are some examples:

                      Bar Top Rail                                                          Azek Planter Bench


                                                               Built in Benches


              Multi-color star design                                                  Sunburst Design


#3. Consider some Low-Voltage LED lighting to accent your deck: New deck lights are made to be integrated right into your deck design, with lit post caps, stair riser lights for safety, and other accent lights.  Your lights are LED, so they last a very long time and use almost no energy.  Here are some examples of LED lit decks:




#4. Think outside the “Box”: Get past the same old rectangular decks of the past, think multi-level decks, to distinguish different areas of the decks for different activities.  Think wrap-around decks to get the most use out of your deck design.  Here are some examples of some multi-level and wrap around decks of different shapes to get you thinking:




#5. Design your deck to bring your house and yard together: The whole point of having a deck is to enjoy the outdoors, so why have a deck that doesn’t invite you to enjoy your beautiful yard? Your deck should be designed to work with your landscape, to flow from your house, right to your yard. This can be done in the design of the deck using multi-level options, different stair configurations (Like wrap around stairs), and integrated patio areas. Here are some examples:


                  Wrap around stairs                                                  Pyramid Style Stairs


        Multi-Level Deck with wide stairs                                  Wrap around stairs to yard


Most importantly, give McWhorter Outdoor Living a call today to get a FREE design consultation with a free estimate.  We will build your deck on your house in 3D, and give you unlimited design revisions. We work with all the top brands of decking and rails, including Trex, Azek, Timbertech, and many more. We are based in Clarksville, MD, and serve all of Howard, Carroll, Anne Arundel, Frederick, Montgomery, and Prince Georges counties, including