Top 5 Maryland Screen Porch Design Ideas

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Looking for Maryland Screen Porch Design? There is no better way to enjoy the outdoors than using a screen room to eliminate the hassle of the hot sun and annoying insects. What most people dont realize is how far screen porches have come. They are no longer the eye sore on the back of your house they used to be. New low-maintenance products and innovative construction techniques have made the modern screen porch an excellent addition on any home. Take a look below to see what McWhorter Outdoor Living does to make our screen porches the best in the business-

  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY!: Hire a design build company that can show you the project on your house in 3D! So many companies in Maryland call themselves “Design/Build” companies, but are going to give you a hand-drawn 2D sketch of your screened porch. Most times even they don’t know what the finished product is going to look like! Don’t gamble with a project of this complexity, screen porches require roofs, which must tie into, fit around and compliment existing exterior features of your house. This should be shown to you in photo realistic 3D upfront to ensure the project wont look like an afterthought rigged onto the back of your house.


Maryland Porch Stone Fireplace


2. Custom trim packages- We offer an array of options for low-maintenance custom moldings and columns, including coffered ceilings, vaulted ceilings, crown mouldings and stacked moulding profiles to dress the room up

Maryland porch Design Double Doors

Maryland Porch with TV













3. Add a fireplace!- Add a fireplace to your screen porch to get year round use! Our porches can be built with stone or brick fireplaces to allow you to enjoy the porch on the coldest nights!

Screen Porch Fireplace Mahogany Ceiling

Maryland Screen Porch

Chancellor One AltPorch with fireplace kitchen Maryland


4. Removable Screens!! We are the only porch company in Maryland to offer a screen system that is not only completely removable, but removable to the inside of the porch. Our screen panels are custom made to fit each job, with their own aluminum frames, just like a big window screen. This is so important when your kids, pet, grand kids, etc tear a hole in one of your screens (It will happen one way or another). With our system the screen panel is removed to the interior of the room. You can take the panel to any local hardware store yourself to have it repaired, or give us a call and have us do it for you. The other guy’s system is attached to the porch frame and must be replaced from the outside of the porch, which means you have to call them and have them set up a scaffold to replace your screen, costing you big money every time you need a repair.

Screen porch removable screens


5. Electrical/AV packages- Our Maryland Screen Porches are designed with lighting, fans, refrigerators, recessed lights, TV, cameras, you name it.

Screened porch Shed Roof

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