Top 5 Maryland Sunroom design tips

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Thinking of adding a sunroom to your Maryland home? Check out our top 5 sunroom design tips before you do, and be sure to give McWhorter Construction a call today for a free design consultation

Tip #1- Don’t let this happen to you!

 Forget the aluminum and vinyl! Your house is not made of metal and plastic, so why stick a room on it that is? We build our sunrooms the same way your house was built, with wood framing, high quality windows, drywall and trim to match your house. The exterior of our sunrooms have the same brick, siding, shingles etc. that are on your house, so it doesn’t appear to be a cheap after thought.



Tip #2- Pick a contractor that can show you realistic 3D images of the project on your house- 

So many contractors today will submit a 2D sketch of a sunroom, leaving you with no idea of the impact the room will have on existing features of your home. How will the new roof line look on the house, will it affect second story windows, etc.  Mcwhorter Construction uses the latest in 3D CAD design to give you the most realistic rendering possible, so you know exactly what you are getting before we start construction, saving you thousands in change orders.

Here are a few of our 3D CAD designs







Tip #3- Consider converting existing decks, screen porches, or patios into your new sunroom- Many times the existing foundation of a screen porch, deck or patio can be reused for your new sunroom, saving you thousands of dollars in new work. Give us a call today for a free design consultation to see if your existing structure can be reused.

Tip #4- Decide how you want to access your new sunroom- 

Sunroom with lots of windows

When you decide to go with a full service construction company like McWhorter Construction instead of a “patio room” only company, it opens the door to so many other options. One of the biggest is the option to remove the wall between your existing house and your new sunroom. Why have a 3′ door into your new space when you can remove the entire wall?






Tip #5- Know your HVAC options- Once you decide how you want to access your space, you can start to think about HVAC options. Many times a homes existing HVAC system can be expanded to handle the new space. If not, you can look to move to a split HVAC system like the Mr. Slim from Mitsubishi,  or a through the wall unit. Give McWhorter Construction a call today to discuss what options bet fit your needs.