Screen Rooms

Maryland Screen Porch Contractor

What makes McWhorter Outdoor Living the best screen room contractor in Maryland? Two things- Photo realistic 3D CAD design and removable individual screen panels.

  1. Using the latest in 3D CAD technologies, we can show you what the screen room will look like on YOUR  house. You can see how the screened porch compliments your homes existing finishes and roof lines. You can make adjustments to the project before it even begins, saving you thousands in change orders. Click here for some samples of our 3D designs!
  2. Our Maryland Screen Porches have removable aluminum framed screen panels, so when a bird or a baseball flies through your screen, you can remove the individual screen panel to the inside of the room and have it repaired. We are the only screen porch or room  contractor in Maryland to offer a screen system that allows damaged screens to be removed and replaced from inside of the screen porch! This is a BIG deal when your screen porch is 10-30′ off of the ground!

A new screened in porch can be the perfect room to add to your house. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors rain or shine, without the annoyance of insects. Our screen rooms can be completely finished inside and out. You can add amenities like ceiling fans, recess lights, cable TV and phone jacks, and wired audio.. Our Maryland Screen Rooms will truly become your favorite room in the house.

We are able to design the porch to compliment the current finishes and roof lines of your home, so the room looks like something that was planned form the very beginning, not something that was pre-fabricated and stuck on the back of your house.

It is so important to choose a screen room contractor who can give you a photo realistic image of the project on your house. We use the latest in 3D CAD technology to show you the entire project, so you can make changes to the design before the screen porch is under construction, saving you thousands of dollars in change orders.



Our screen rooms can include

  1. Low maintenance packages, with all vinyl trim, rails, post sleeves and  floors, no exposed wood
  2. Removable aluminum framed screen panels, easily replaced and repaired
  3. Insect screening underneath decking
  4. A variety of ceiling options
  5. Roof, gutters, and soffit materials to match existing house
  6. Full electric and entertainment packages
  7. Complete custom trim packages and accents
  8. Options for Fireplaces, stone, etc!